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Especially as the pandemic caused a crazy real estate frenzy across Canada, so the new homeowner deserves a congratulations and personalized gift that they’ll love and appreciate. What better way to do that than with a gift basket?

Gift baskets are a great way to combine all of your family or friends’ favourite things into one and present it to them in a beautiful way. Here are some things that you should consider adding.



Help your family or friends celebrate the next big chapter in their lives with some of these thoughtful, heartwarming and housewarming gift basket ideas.

A DIY Basket

Rather than purchasing a traditional wicker basket from a store, why not come up with your own idea? Not that you have to be a skilled basket weaver, but rather, think of a more unique way to present the gift. Try a wired square basket with a mini chalkboard attached saying “Congrats!” or, try a bamboo tray that will hold a bottle of wine and other treats perfectly with a lid that slides overtop.


Line The Basket With A Towel

Rather than throwing typical shredded paper in the bottom of the basket, line it with a dish towel or even a bathrobe; something that looks good but can also be used afterwards. Plus, you can never have too many towels!

Don't Leave Out The Wine

This may seem like a given, but who doesn’t enjoy cracking open a bottle of wine at the end of the day to relax and sip on while celebrating a huge milestone like buying a new home? This new chapter deserves some of the best wine the new homeowner will ever have in their life. Opt for a nice red blend; something unique that they haven’t tried before but you know they’ll love.

Homemade Cookies

Why buy a box of cookies when you can simply make them yourself? Housewarming gifts are great, but homemade housewarming gifts are even better. If it’s closer to the holiday season, why not bake some delicious shortbread or ginger cookies? In the summer, a classic chocolate chip or a peanut-butter-based cookie is always good too.

Assorted Local Chocolates

Rather than buying well-known chocolate brands, why not support your local chocolatier and provide your loved ones with a delicious housewarming gift at the same time? You can never go wrong with an assorted collection so the new, happy homeowner can try a bit of everything. Or, like you baked your own cookies, maybe you could try making your own chocolate?


Charcuterie Items

While buying a new home can be exciting, it can also be stressful. Your friends and family may not exactly be in the mood to celebrate or eat after trying to find the perfect home and spending a lot of money, but they will be when they see the yummy charcuterie items in their housewarming gift basket. Things like crackers, dry, cured meats, cheeses, and salsas are always appreciated and make for a great meal or snack.


Add Some Scents

What’s a housewarming gift without a candle? Try to buy a candle that is appropriate for the season and will make their new home smell warm and welcoming. If it’s the fall, try a pumpkin-scented one. If it’s winter, nothing beats a classic pine scent that mimics Christmas trees. If it’s spring, help make their new home smell like fresh blooms.



A new home is a big feat. If you’ve been struggling to find a way to congratulate your friend or family member, opt for a gift basket that is filled with various goods, including homemade gifts. There are no set rules as to what gift baskets need to include, so just have fun with it and think of what they’ll like and what will look great in their new home. And, if you don’t have time for putting together a housewarming gift basket, leave it to a professional like Kairos Baskets & Gifts. We specialize in curating gift baskets for all occasions, including a housewarming gift, Easter, Christmas, graduation, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, and more. We ship across Canada!