Best Gifts for New Moms

Being a new mom is overwhelming, but wonderful. Physically, mentally, and emotionally, new moms, captivated with their new baby, are giving it their all. Whether you’re looking for a mother’s day, baby shower, or new mom present, what can you get that she’ll love, and really use?

Practical Mom Gifts

Practical gifts that make their new role easier, especially in those first few weeks, will always be appreciated.

A baby carrier makes the perfect mom gift, letting them carry and snuggle a little one, with their hands free to do other things. An Ellie nap dress is comfortable and smocking makes it easy for breastfeeding.

Another popular gift is a diaper bag. Many modern diaper bags are much more chic now, and have many compartments for all of the necessary baby gear. A diaper subscription service can take another chore off their list. Include a wet bag; they can be used for dirty cloth diapers, bibs, onesies and more.

A stroller organizer also helps with managing all of the gear when out and about, while a portable changing table makes quick changes easier. A spill proof rug that’s machine washable can also come in handy.

If she doesn’t already have one, an Instapot is great for quick and easy meals for her, as well as making baby food; a healthy recipes cookbook is a good top-up present to go with it. A subscription for a meal delivery service is another favourite gift. You can also include lactation powder with vitamins to increase her milk supply which can be especially good for first time moms.

Gift Ideas to Help the Sleep Deprived Mom

Perhaps the best gift for new parents is the gift of sleep; helping either the new parent or tiny bundle of joy to sleep soundly is valued greatly.

A sound machine can help fight sleep deprivation and work for either parents or little ones. The SNOO Smart Sleeper senses a baby’s cries and rocks them back to sleep, and keeps them safely on their back. There are also specialty bassinets that use gentle motion to encourage sleep. Some new sleep monitors actually monitor how the newborn is sleeping through breathing patterns, sleep stages, and room temperature.

Some new mom gifts to encourage her sleep are weighted blankets, cozy slippers, and eye masks.

New Mom Care Ideas

Gifts to ease the transition for new moms when the baby arrives, especially during the early postpartum period will become favourite gifts. Presents to promote self-care help a tired new mom cope during the newborn phase.

Although new moms need to take care of themselves, they often are unable to go to a spa, or are reluctant to leave their precious one for so long, so how about bringing the spa to her with a spa gift box, with luxuries like bath salts, body wash and bath oil? This Spa Scent gift basket is the ultimate care package. Offer to go on baby duty for a few hours, to let her take advantage and relax.

Postpartum care essentials like inflatable cushions, hot water bottles, perineal cooling pads and premium nipple balms aren’t glamourous but make for a thoughtful gift as they can make her life a lot easier and more comfortable. These are great to give to a mom to be, especially a first time mom, so they are ready for her as soon as she needs them. 

Presents for the New Baby that Moms Love

A new mom loves cute things for her newborn, including clothes. Adorable onesies, burp cloths, bottle warmers, and more help to prepare for baby’s arrival, too. This sweet gift basket for a girl or boy has a coordinating baby fleece blanket, five-piece gift set, wash cloths, and a rubber duckie.

A play gym will entertain her little one, while swings or bouncy seats soothe little ones; both will buy a little peace and quiet for her.

Mementos and Memories

Some apps and subscriptions create easy memory books that document those first few years. Some need you to add quick, regular updates, while others draw from social media accounts to compile and create an attractive, printed keepsake or photo book to help her cherish the precious memories.

You can also find a cute baby footprint and handprint kit, or for a one-of-a-kind memory, you can order a custom art print using a piece of the baby’s clothing. A milestone mat or personalized family portrait also makes for a meaningful gift.

A new mama necklace or a dainty necklace engraved with her baby’s name commemorates the baby’s life beautifully.

Gift Baskets for Any Mom

Kairos Baskets have several perfect gift basket options for new babies and moms; add on flowers and champagne to make these even more special. They make great birthday gifts for new moms, too. We deliver, so you can send your love when you can’t be there in person.

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